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Jeff Edmonds has been a professional magician for over twenty-five years. He now specializes in society functions and corporate events of every kind. This world class entertainment is available in two basic forms:



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Close-up magic is the most powerful way to experience magic. This "walkaround" form of magic is largely unstructured and allows Jeff to spontaneously move from table to table in a banquet situation or group to group in a cocktail situation. This requires little or no preparation on the part of the event organizer. Just turn Jeff loose on your guests and enjoy a guaranteed wave of powerful reactions.

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  Jeffs stand-up comedic magic show is a hilarious tour de force of floating cigarettes, flying cards, missing rings and watches, and above all, audience participation. This show never fails to create a lively group dynamic that audiences talk about and remember for years afterwards. Please contact for links to videos specific to your needs.
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