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Jeff Edmonds has performed at society parties and charity events of all types. Part of this experience is the great privilege of performing for the following celebrities...


  • The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers
  • Laura Dern Laura Dern
  • Huey Lewis Huey Lewis
  • Kim Alexis Kim Alexis
  • Penn & Teller Penn & Teller
  • Wayne Brady Wayne Brady
  • John Elway John Elway
  • John C. McGinley John C. McGinley
  • John Henry & Richard Kind John Henry & Richard Kind
  • Evander Hollyfield Evander Hollyfield
  • Tim Tebow & John Lynch Tim Tebow & John Lynch

Katie Couric

"You are so good! That was craazy!"

- Katie Couric

Goldie Hawn

"You're Fantastic! You're a genius! You've blown me away!"

- Goldie Hawn

Marisa Tomei

"Thank you! That was soo much fun!!"

- Marisa Tomei

John Corbett

"You're the best close-up magician I have ever seen! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!"

- John Corbett

Jaime Foxx

"This man's the devil!"

- Jaime Foxx

John Walsh

"Phenomenal! You are an absolute professional!"

- John Walsh

Chris Noth

"You were great!"

- Chris Noth

David Duval

"That was @#!&*$# unbelievable!"

- David Duval

Robert Wagner

"Beautiful sleight of hand! Beautiful, beautiful magic..."

- Robert Wagner

Terry Bradshaw

"You are phenomenal!"

- Terry Bradshaw

John Oats

"We loved you! You are so talented!"

- John Oats

Tim Duncan

"You are awesome!"

- Tim Duncan


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